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Dripper Guard Large

Dripper Guard prevents boat hull stains caused by boat thru-hull drains. It’s perfect for any component on your boat that has a thru-hull!

Ideal for preventing stains from the air conditioner, sink, generator, shower, bilge pump, baitwell, and sump pump thru-hulls.

Forget the boat hull cleaner and make your boat maintenance a breeze with Dripper Guard.

Dripper Guard installs in minutes and features a high-quality 3M weather resistant adhesive that provides a firm and durable bond. Simply prep- peel- stick. Spend less time and money cleaning and enjoy more time on the water with Dripper Guard!

Note: we want you to enjoy the benefits of Dripper Guard- be sure to carefully and completely follow the instructions below.

  1. CLEAN AND DRY AREA surrounding and inside the thru-hull, removing existing stains and sediment build up. The surface MUST be completely dry and above 60° before installing product.
  2. REMOVE TAPE BACKING from product.
  3. ALIGN DRIPPER GUARD with center of thru-hull.
  4. PLACE DRIPPER GUARD on surface and press firmly. Allow a minimum of 1 hour for bonding. Completely cured in 48 hours.

Reference:Large fits 1-7/8" to 2-5/8" thru-hull holes.

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Dripper Guard Large - Black
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Dripper Guard
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Dripper Guard Large - White
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Dripper Guard
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